Digital dashboard of CO2 level gauge percentage drop down to 0. Net Zero Emissions by 2050 policy animation concept illustration

‘The real estate journey to Net Zero’

This is a podcast series that focuses on the real estate industry and the journey to net zero with special attention paid to the upcoming COP 26 and the stated 4 key goals of:

  • Mitigation
  • Adaptation
  • Finance
  • Collaboration
COP 26
Episode 1

COP 26 and its importance to the real estate industry

How the messaging aligns to the real estate challenges. Discussion with market specialists from the commercial world covering the 4 key goals of COP26 – Mitigation (covering retrofit and design) – Adaptation (covering the industry and the tenant and the changes that are here already and coming) – Finance (Making the case for change – what needs to change in the industry to facilitate carbon being a consideration alongside cost) – Collaboration (what aspects of the industry need to get together). We know there is a desire, do we know what we need to do?

Aerial close up photo of wind turbine providing sustainable energy by spinning blades the power also known as renewable is collected from resources green field meadow in background
Episode 2

Do we have the tools and the resources to do this and where do we start?

Touch on the tools and seek comments on each aspect – EPCs, BREEAM in use, LEAD, WELL, NABERS – short discussion each – lots of tools but to use them and where, the main topic is where to start and get into understanding where you are being the key point. We will be joined by 2 people from the regulatory bodies.

Stock market or Forex trading chart and candlestick chart suitable for financial investment concept.
Episode 3

Will the cost to change ultimately pay for itself?

Changing the supply chain, materials, equipment and technology needed to make the changes by 2030 will cost money and impact profit margins – will this ever pay itself back? Explore things like valuations and cost to run buildings – how long is the payback? We will be joined by industry specialists in cost and valuation.

Inflation rising, costs increasing. Business woman holding Rising costs, declining standard of living,
Episode 4

Is the client prepared to pay?

Exploring the need for sustainable more efficient buildings – will green space provide the premium is has failed to provide so far? – explore the change in client requirements to align with their own sustainable objects especially at corporate level. We will be joined by two property professionals to discuss this challenge.

stack coins and wooden house model, concept idea to save and buy house, business growth time.
Episode 5

What do we need to do to drive collaboration?

Discussion with 2 sustainability professionals from the real estate world. How can they drive collaboration between themselves, their clients and their suppliers.

Net Zero and Carbon Neutral Concepts Net Zero Emissions Goals Weather neutral long-term strategy.
Episode 6

The art of possible and the impact of change

Discussion with sustainability professionals to talk about contributory changes to drive alongside this journey such as green and healthy design being linked to energy performance. Discuss some global examples of outstanding performing buildings.